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Mon May 16 12:17:54 EDT 2005

On May 16, 2005, at 6:51 AM, Joel Guillod wrote:

> What a good opportunity to explain you some of the reasons why you 
> probably miss so many users. My own experience of Valentina has been a 
> failure because I have never been able to easily operate Valentina 
> with Hypercard/Supercard and more recently with Revolution. Dont reply 
> that I should not be an adequate programer, just search the Rev 
> archives to understand that many  Revolutionados have made attempts to 
> use Valentina with many difficulties and switched to another solution.

To be fair, the majority of the problems with Valentina had to do with 
using externals in the standalone and/or the combination of revdb and 
valentina.  Implementing externals in projects can sometimes be tricky 
and cause problems whether you are using Valentina or any other 

> Also be aware that altSQLite has been released with the following 
> advantages among others:
> - many altPlugins are provided for free and has been proven very 
> usefull and well polished;
> - the altSQLite Demo stack is very well designed and just ready to use 
> sample: you open it, it just works and you can see the sample scripts;
> - affordable price;
> - SQLite is widely recognized by many other developers: see PHP for a 
> single instance, not to say the MacOSX Tiger integration.
> - last but not least: speed development time. I spend many days 
> failing to deal with Valentina user guides where I have been able to 
> create a DB and to write error free scripts with altSQLite in just 
> minutes.
> Yet there is a problem with altSqlite under MacOSX 10.3.9 which 
> crashes Revolution in some circonstances but I am confident that 
> Chipp/Altuit will fix that soon. As Revolution developers we know that 
> he is very active and reactive. You have proven the opposite. There 
> was (is? I didn't check recently) no Revolution sample stack for 
> Valentina.

I'm not sure if you are on the Valentina mailing list or not but Ruslan 
is one of the most helpful developers I have ever come across.  True 
there is not example stack and Chipp has created an *excellent* example 
stack but to say that Ruslan has proven the opposite is a not a fair 

> Also some arguments in favor of Valentina are not so important for 
> most of our applications:
> - speed is most often an issue when users have large databases which 
> is not the case for most of us;
> - price can be an issue: I am not sure that many of us are selling 
> their applications to valuate Valentina more than the free Postgres or 

Revolution has many different types of users so it is hard to group 
"us" together.  My company sees speed as a very important consideration 
when choosing a database and $299 is a small fee to pay for for adding 
a tool to our toolbox that meats our needs.

> - Those DBMS are supported by many developers and we dont know what 
> would happen to Valentina I you disappear tomorrow. SQLite source code 
> is available and free. What a warranty for our data;

Valentina supports SQL.  If it were to disappear tomorrow you could 
migrate your database to another vendor without much hassle.  In fact, 
right now I develop databases using MySQL and then deploy to the client 
using Valentina.  All of the database creation is coded so it is a 
one-click process.

> - multiusers capability require another process to execute Valentina 
> and those DBMS. I dont see any advantages of one over the others if 
> you'd like to release an easy installation to users.
> My last comment is that competition is good! As developers we really 
> thank Altuit to have written the SQLite plugin because this finally 
> forces Paradigma Software Inc to seriously watch for the Revolution 
> developers to give them the consideration and support they actually 
> missed until today. BUT be aware that the time is very short not to 
> loose the market today! Dont do war, build tools which prooves you 
> make the developers' life easier!

Competition is good.  It is great that Altuit has provided a SQLite 
external for us because it offers more choices.  Sometimes SQLite will 
be a great solution.  Sometimes a project requires features not 
available in SQLite.  I'm glad to have both options available to me.

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