To Rev or not to Rev

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu May 5 00:40:31 EDT 2005

I swear I never meant any offense and as someone who gets his name
mispelled all the time (even the Bury part to top it), i understand the

I'll be certain to watch this. But why share my stupidity with the list?
That's not very nice either. But at least it got the point through ;)

Honestly, I never saw the complains about it either... 
Mikey, a public apology for my deficiency of "sight"... 

It wont happen again.


"Sorry, I just regained consciousness"
(seen on the back of an orange Pinto named Odie)

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> > Im sick of this non-sense - no offense to you Mickey...
> Xavier... you *really* have to let up on the "c" key when 
> responding... The gentleman's name is Mikey, not Mickey, and 
> he has said that to you multiple times. My suggestion would 
> be that when you respond to his posts, that you double-check 
> your spelling before you submit it... otherwise you will 
> continue to offend him.
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