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If you are on Mac, you might try using AppleScript to control 
Photoshop. ImageReady also has some automation features involving 
variable placeholders that can be loaded from tab-delimited files, but 
I'm not sure if that would be useful for your metadata needs.

> Does anyone know of a way to get Revolution to read and write to Adobe 
> Photoshop's per image metadata?
> real world scenario:  our photographer in Nepal (world famous, doesn't 
> just work for us) Thomas Kelly... we just sent him on assignment to 
> Sri Lanka. He's back now and has a kaJillion digital images that he 
> wants to caption inside PhotoShop. Opening the file info for each one 
> of these in Photoshop is a "killer" process. I tried to have our 
> managing editor consider having the metadata as a separate 
> fooPhoto.psd /fooPhoto.txt document pair,  for which I have many Rev 
> apps that can easily preview thumbnailis and allow for data entry very 
> quickly. And though one can see lot's of advantages of having this 
> data as a separate file... the concept of the caption being part of 
> the photo file itself seems to be "ingrained" as the only way to go...
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