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>> On 3/31/05 1:05 PM, "graham samuel" <graham.samuel at> wrote:
>>> I'm developing some simple printing routines using RR 2.5.1 and OSX
>>> 10.3.8. I have a little Epson inkjet printer that works very happily
>>> with all my purchased apps such as word processors, graphic programs
>>> etc. But with Rev I'm having a bad time.
>>> 1. I arranged for the initialisation routine in my app to read the
>>> paper size and the margins and to make my stack the same size as the
>>> printPaperSize and my print area the same size as the page minus the
>>> margins. I then attempted to construct something to print. The card to
>>> be printed looks perfectly OK, but the printer doubles the left margin
>>> from the absurdly large 72 points (more later) to a completely daft
>>> 144
>>> points - at least it looks that way. This shows up even on the OSX
>>> preview, and even when I propose to print on a different printer,
>>> which
>>> makes me think it must be me, except for the screen appearance and
>>> dimensions of the card to be printed, which look OK. For example, the
>>> left hand edge of the field to be printed is definitely 72 pixels from
>>> the edge of the card, and the card is definitely 594 pixels wide,
>>> which
>>> corresponds to the width of an A4 page. I just can't guess what I'm
>>> doing wrong.
>> Check out the printMargins property (among other "print-" properties).
>> Perhaps if you set the printMargins to 0,0,0,0 you'd get closer to what
>> you're looking for? The default is 72,72,72,72 (1 inch on all sides).
> Well, I did that - I was already using the printMargins settings (72
> all round) to calculate where on the card to put the field that
> contains the print content, but at your suggestion at the last minute,
> just before the actual print statement, I set them to all 0s without
> going back and altering the position of the field. The result was (to
> me) extremely strange: the printing worked properly, in that each
> margin was now 1 inch (72 pixels). This also included the top and
> bottom margins. In reality my particular printer won't print on the
> whole paper surface, so margins of zero are meaningless. Thus I'm at a
> loss to understand why it worked. Eventually I'll try it on the PC and
> see if the thing behaves differently.
> Thanks very much for the advice - I just wish I understood why it
> worked. It seems to me pretty much like a bug in RR.

I think it's because for some reason your printer driver was imposing its
own margin of 1 inch that was then being *added to* by Rev, so it became a 2
inch (144 pixel!) margin. Now why your printer driver would do that I don't

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