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On 3/31/05 3:11 PM, graham samuel wrote:

> Well, I did that - I was already using the printMargins settings (72 all 
> round) to calculate where on the card to put the field that contains the 
> print content, but at your suggestion at the last minute, just before 
> the actual print statement, I set them to all 0s without going back and 
> altering the position of the field. The result was (to me) extremely 
> strange: the printing worked properly, in that each margin was now 1 
> inch (72 pixels). This also included the top and bottom margins. In 
> reality my particular printer won't print on the whole paper surface, so 
> margins of zero are meaningless. Thus I'm at a loss to understand why it 
> worked.

The printmargins always begin at the spot on the page where the printer 
can start printing. If your printer imposes a 1" limitation on all 
edges, then setting a printmargin of another inch will get you two 
inches of white space.

In other words, margin "0" is where your printer can lay down the first ink.

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