Minor htmlText bug

Thomas McCarthy tominjapan at excite.com
Wed Mar 9 03:00:26 EST 2005

I've noticed a minor bug with saving the htmltext property of a field.
I'm using macrons (long marks over vowels--unicode characters) with some text. I copy some text from a word processing program and then paste the rtftext from the clipboard to a field. I then save the htmltext of the field as a custom property to access later.

The problem is this. I notice that the first few letters got all mixed up (up to the first macron?)

I tracked the problem down to this:
The beginging of the htmlText should look like this:
<p><font face="Arial" color="#FF0000">....
BUT it was this:
<p><font  color="#FF0000">....

pasting the mising  'face="Arial"', fixed the problem. Anyone else experience this? I'm going to be doing a lot of text this way and would rather not have to fix it everytime.


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