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> Does anyone know of a way to coax the "answer" command into using a
> button other than the last one specified as the default?  This behavior
> stands in the way of compliance with Apple's HI Guidelines:
> In Chapter 11 ("Layout Examples"), there is a statement that the
> "action button" for an alert (the button which completes the action
> initiated by the user, the one which triggered the display of the
> alert), should always be the rightmost button in the alert, even though
> it is *not* always the default button (the one triggered by
> enter/return) -- in some cases, such as actions which may result in
> data loss, the guidelines specifically state that the default action
> should be something else, normally "Cancel".

Frank, do you have a real-life example of where this appears?
> I can't accomplish this with Rev's "answer" command, can I?


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