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> Greetings all!
> I have no experience with Windows whatsoever and have what is hopefully
> a real easy, dopey question:
> I build a standalone for Windows (the splash screen is the actual
> standalone, the Main Stack and substacks are rev files) and it works
> just fine, but there's one little thing I don't get.  In OSX, it's the
> icon of the standalone that appears in the dock, but in Windows (XP in
> this case) each of the open stacks, whether visible or not, has a
> thingy in the task bar thing, so as stacks open and close, the taskbar
> thingies multiply and disappear.
> Am I doing something wrong here? Or is it always this way in Windows?
> Is there a way to get just the app in the taskbar and not the
> individual rev stacks?

Sorry, Lars... welcome to Windows! This is the way it works. For each
toplevel stack that you open, you get an entry in the TaskBar. If you want
it to not appear, you can choose a style like modeless or palette for your
windows, but that may not work for you or apply in your situation.

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