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Fri Feb 25 00:37:16 EST 2005

It's all new for me, so what is the difference?
I took the routine the closest to OpenScript.
I agree the switch structure looks very good.


At 03:24 25/2/2005, Mark Wieder wrote:
>Thursday, February 24, 2005, 1:38:29 PM, you wrote:
>RM> global scriptflag
>RM> on mouseUp
>RM> if scriptflag="gocard" then
>RM> send gocard
>RM> else if scriptflag=.....
>RM> send...
>RM> else if scriptflag=.....
>RM> send...
>RM> end if
>RM> end mouseUp
>If you're going this route, check out the switch statement.
>Er... and the break statement.
>on mouseUp
>   switch scriptflag
>     case "gocard"
>       send gocard
>       break
>     case "something else"
>       DoSomethingElse
>       break
>     default
>       put "should never get here" into errorLog
>       break
>   end switch
>end mouseUp
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