MP3 without QuickTime on Windows

Signe Marie Sanne Signe.Sanne at
Fri Feb 11 04:00:37 EST 2005

xbury.cs at skrev:

> All you need is (with a default mp3 player installed) to 
> get shell("start" && mymp3filepath)
> Why try harder? ;))
> It's just a question of having a default "play" or "Open" command 
> associated with a player...

Hello Xavier
Should 'mymp3filepath' include 'file' or 'url'?
Do we need a player object in the stack? On my WindowsXP (where I have both 
Windows Media Player and QuickTime installed) I tried without any success:

set itemDel to "/"
put item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack into tFolder
put tFolder & "/M0NKP9EA.MID" into mymp3filepath
get shell ("start" && mymp3filepath)

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