Application Browser

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu Feb 10 22:35:42 EST 2005

> I open my main stack in the Application Browser and I see:
> MainStack
>    revSOAP
>    libSmtp
>    libEmail
>    libEmailHelp
>    libEmail
> I do not need libEmailHelp and I for sure do not need two libEmails 
> but, I cannot figure out how to get rid of them. When I select them in 
> the Application Browser, there seems to be no menu selection that 
> removes the substack. When I look in the inspector for my main stack, 
> under "Stack Files"  I would expect to see the stack files shown in 
> the Application Browser but that list is empty.
> I can see substacks in the Application Window. Why can I not 
> manipulate them in that window? Why can I not remove them or add them 
> in that window? What is the connection between the Application Browser 
> list of stacks and the "stack Files" list of stacks?
If the stacks are part of your stack file, you can right-click on them 
in the App Browser and choose "Delete sub-stack" from the popup menu. 
However I recently had a similar problem until I remembered that the 
sub-stacks were actually library stacks, not true sub-stacks. Open the 
Inspector for the main stack and have a look in the Stack files 
section. I expect that you will see most of the stacks there. 
libEmailHelp may a sub-stack of libEmail so you may have to top-level 
that libEmail stack in order to delete it.


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