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FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Fri Feb 11 04:18:59 EST 2005

>Can *anyone* shed light on why a 'get url myTextFileURL' command  returns  
>'requested' instead of the contents of the text file? Has  synchronicity  

Alex said:

>If the server  returns an error message, you would get that message 
>instead of the file  content - so it's possible that the web site has set 
>custom error  messages, and you're getting one of them (though 
>"requested" isn't much  of a custom message).
>Are you connecting through a proxy or web  cache ? It sounds just 
>possible they could return this as a message if  there was some unusual 
>time-out condition.

Dave said:

>Is this an http or ftp url (i.e. not a file url)?
>If so, is  "requested" returned in "the result" or in the "it" variable?
>I'm asking  because "requested" is one of the "states" of the variable 
>in libUrl  that tracks the status of a  request and eventually is 
>returned as  "the result". However, it should be set to empty or an 
>error message  before the request completes.
>Can you log the activity  (libUrlSetLogField) and see if it reveals anything?

Thanks for the pointers, guys...

"Requested" is returned in the result of an http file request behind a  
firewall. Strangely, the test stack we used to track the problem down works  okay; 
I am still trying to establish what is different in the test stack which  (so 
far as I can see) mirrors the original. I am suspecting a failed server  
response that ought to read "timeout", but since this is arm's length it's a bit  
difficult to identify.
Next stop, libUrlSetLogField.

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