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Roger Guay irog at
Fri Dec 16 10:55:15 EST 2005


This doesn't seem to work for me (Mac OS X, Rev v. 2.6.1).  I am able  
to set the preference but there is nothing in the contextual pop-up  
menu that will take me to the graphics editor.  Any ideas?

Thanks, Roger

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> Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:00:02 +0100
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> Hi Rick,
> You have a simpler way to let Rev entirely handle the process:
> In the general pane of the Preferences stack, specify your image
> editor location.
> Then use the contextual pop-up menu on any image in your stack (right
> click) and choose "Lauch Editor".
> The selected image will open in your image editor; modify it; save it.
> When going back to Rev, just click "Update" in the dialog box.
> You are done :-)
> So many unknown features in Rev :-)
> Best Regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet

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