MS Office and XML

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed Dec 14 12:19:13 CST 2005

> Marielle,
> MS has submited the new format to ECMA to create a "open" 
> standard, this is not the current format, this is an attempt 
> to beat OpenDocument and the F/OSS initiatives out there. I 
> bet they are putting raw binary data inside the XML, but 
> that's just me being pessimistic.
> Cheers
> andre

There's rawa data in SQL. 

Being able to store binary data in a format is maybe unfriendly to someone
at one point but that's trivial compared to the advantages that this feature
brings or can bring to your apps ;)

Just heard of a company using HSM* archival over DB2 for some 120 million
files...  * <>

Today, HSM is done over redundant self-healing disks... ;)

80% of your data is old stuff so basically this puts it off into a cheap
cloud of disks over the network and all you see is a shortcut to the file...


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