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Marielle Lange mlange at
Tue Dec 13 17:05:43 EST 2005

> What we dont have is:
> - a repository showing 2000 apps to download

More than 60 stacks in the gallery now.  <http://>. There is room for  
more! You have a stack in free access, why not use the metadata  
editor to take a screenshot and edit the file information, send me  
the image file and the text file.

You have produced good quality commercial applications? Why not add  
mention of your apps on the new "case studies" page: <http:// 
page=RevolutionCaseStudies>. The information there has been adapted  
from information seen on this list. Feel free to add mention of your  
own creations (Malte, your arcade engine; Eric, the cool application  
you designed for senior people, etc., etc.).

I agree, this text page doesn't look that appealing and many of you  
would probably like to insert a screenshot. If there is a demand for  
that, I could easily create a "commercial apps case studies" gallery  
that is very similar to the education gallery, with links to your  
homepages rather than download options. The advantage, all the  
information is kept in a metadata file that you can edit or change as  
you wish. This gallery can therefore be very rapidly updated. No  
favoritism, no fees required to get listed there and no fees will  
ever be. Anybody gets access to this (yes, Chipp, altsql lite would  
be mentioned there as soon as you send me a descriptive document).

Advantage for the ones who produced resources: The number of users on  
the wiki is ever growing (now about 100 visits a day). Created last  
friday, the "case studies" list already counts 132 hits. Advantage  
for the users, all existing resources and case studies can be  
accessed from a single place.

This is one of the very many things WE can do that doesn't require  
RunRev Ltd intervention. This is possible, this is easy. Whether this  
happens or not only depends on whether you take 5 minutes to send me  
your file information or write the information on the wiki.

Marielle Lange (PhD),  Psycholinguist

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