Standalone on a CD

David Burgun dburgun at
Tue Dec 13 09:59:37 EST 2005

It would help to know which platform you are running on, but 
generally in a standalone, it means:

MacOS X - It's the folder of the App inside the Bundle.
Window - It's the folder that contains the .exe application.

A better way of doing this IMO is to use the fileName of this stack 
property, like so:

local myFolder

put the filename of this stack into myFolder
set the itemdelimiter to "/"
put empty into item -1 of myFolder -- Remove last item but leave trailing "/"
set the itemdelimiter to ","

Now to get a file in the same folder, just do

local myFilePathName

put myFolder & "" into myFilePathName

Hope this helps

>How do I get a standalone running from a CD to recognize included 
>audioClips? The documentation on defaultFolder tells me that "If 
>you're using the development environment, this is the folder 
>containing Revolution; if you're using a standalone application, 
>this is the folder containing that standalone." Could someone be 
>more specific? .
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