Why is Konfabulator 'Pretty?'

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my mac knowledge started in December 1983 and finished in 1999 as Raphsody
betas on my Mac 8500 required so much daemon killing to make it work - 30
minutes to boot, etc... I understood quickly that Apple's new technology
based on Unix was being overloaded with lots of MacOS oriented candy that
didn't do good to the computational side of the equation that I need out of
a "PC - personal computer". 

Since I met ResEdit (1985?), it's been squared patterns - monochrome at
first (which culminated in an icon/pattern library with over 12000 icons
made in HC!) but "today" this B&W or squared limit is still only too present
in rev...

Cursors, patterns, inks, limited text style fields (no multiple lineheight
or alignment capabilities)... 

When you need to take a field to HTML DOM space (you'd expect paste to work
here) or a skin further than a static background (modular button bars, etc),
rev becomes all of a sudden quite a limited environment "visually"
speaking.... Not but it can't be done but the architecture is not "thought
out" long term... There's lots (I mean LOTS) you need to add to make rev XP

Taking this bit back to OSX is even harder given the stigmata that PC
software must be bad.... You know what the market says... 

Sorry to get into the real limiting issues of rev, I didn't want to spill
this bit (as I already tried over a year ago directly with rev which I don't
think they understood) but you asked for it... And I only mean to help
expand Rev's modularity cross-platform. Work on a PC in an enterprise
environment for a few months and you will see how hard it can be to
integrate this "mac object based tool"... If rev dropped the "Mac" out of
their ide and made the GUI go OSX or XP, I think they would have more
success adapting to all platforms. 

Rightfully Scott Raney set a limit to make rev as compatible as possible
x-platform and I respect that. Which is why things didn't work XP-wise
before rev stepped in. They made an excellent job integrating it so far.
Now, it's time things progresses further into 21th century technologies -
visually wise... 

http://monsieurx.com/taoo - blowing the limit on object based technology

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> Are you sure about this? I thought Quartz ruled now...the 
> 'old toolbox' is long dead.
> With all due respect, X, your mac knowledge seems to end around 1995.
> sqb
> >CThis is the big show stopper in my point of view towards smooth 
> >transitions across platforms.
> >The reason? Dependencies on the old Mac OS toolbox display!
> >
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