Heads & Tails

Mark Greenberg markgreenberg at cox.net
Fri Dec 9 15:58:46 EST 2005

	Yes, but the original post (quite a while ago) was looking for a way  
to determine how many times h occurred in singles, doubles, triples,  
etc.  Your script counts how many heads and tails there are total.
	There were some non-RegEx solutions offered, but they were long.   
RegEx shortens the length of the solution quite a bit.  I can't  
determine whether the RegEx solution is faster because I am using an  
older version of Rev which has slower RegEx.


On Dec 9, 2005, at 10:21 AM, Jim Hurley wrote:

> The many ways of skinning a cat:
> on mouseUp
>    put field 1 into tText
>    put 0 into tHeads
>    repeat for each char tChar in tText
>      if tChar is "h" then add 1 to tHeads
>    end repeat
>    put the number of chars in tText - tHeads into tTails
>    put tHeads, tTails into msg box
> end mouseUp
> Given field 1 of the form hhhththhthhhth
> Jim

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