Windowshape image as mask for second image

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Dec 9 06:14:35 EST 2005

Hi Swami,

> Scott:
> I made a bit of progress... I wanted to "play" with the window  
> shape to see if a feathered outer edge to the window shape was good  
> (I'm not so sure now that I see it.. I mean it's "cool" and all,  
> but a clean edge to probably a more solid design)
> Any way I set that image as the window shape and put it all the way  
> to the back, it's a PNG feathered on the outside and solid inside..  
> then I created another PNG which is a dup of the first one, but  
> this time with a transparent square hole in the center set this to  
> the top layer -- this is the "picture frame" and put my world map  
> underneath it...
> Then I have a logo and a couple of titles that I wanted to show on  
> top of the world map as it moves...
> OK
> ...
> I didn't implement the group but I do get that as a useful way to  
> "mask" an img that moves around inside the group.... but I don't  
> think it will solve the basic display problems.. Either I am   
> missing something simple... Or Rev simply doesn't do well with  
> layered animation effects, animated images on top of animated  
> images..??
> Sivakatirswami

i don't know if this helps, but i found out that moving objects does  
not work with "visual effects"!
When a "visual effect" takes place, everything else comes to a  
complete halt during the effect and thus it just looks "jerky"...

You may have to use another concept...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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