Why is Konfabulator "Pretty?"

Lynch, Jonathan bnz2 at cdc.gov
Wed Dec 7 14:21:59 EST 2005


You can make a menu have any look you want, using a stack as a menu -
not just icons, but all sorts of complex layouts. But yes, just use
icon-sized images in the substack serving as the source for your menu,
and you will get icons in your menu.

Every system has predesigned elements that make them convenient - and
every system's set of predesigned elements is unique.

I would like RunRev to have:
- proper tables (I went ahead and created my own)
- 3D objects (not planning on doing that on my own)
- autoflow fields (created it on my own)
- proper copying and pasting in and out of other applications (also did
that on my own)
- better printing on Windows (partly fixed that on my own, more still to
- a number-crunching external
- a way for directly accessing OS APIs
- a Valentina-speed database, internalized, with rev-style scripting
- rotating fields

And a bunch of other stuff. 

I personally feel that having to create your own objects is not so bad,
because then you have complete control over that object, and can adapt
it as needed. I agree it is a pain not having everything you need - but
I guess for me, at least, it is worth the extra effort because I find
RunRev so darn intuitive to use in so many other facets.


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