How do i check for an internet connection?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Dec 7 03:56:56 EST 2005

Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> I don't remember who to thank for this one, which I modified only  
> slightly:
> on testForConnection
> put "" into testSocket
>     open datagram socket to testSocket
>     put hostAddress(testSocket) into theIPAddress
>     close socket testSocket
>     if theIPAddress is "" then
>       --it's the local machine address, so not connected
>       --may insert connection routine here
> end  testForConnection
That tests for having a *network* connection, but not for having an 
*Internet* connection.

e.g. on my laptop, connected to my home network, this yields a value 
(today it's regardless of whether the DSL line is 
connected and working or not.

I'm not even sure it adequately tests for a network connection - on a 
machine with a single network port and a static IP address, I think it 
might return that IP address even if the network was disconnected. I 
don't have a suitable machine to test that out on, and anyway the test 
would be incomplete because it could vary between OSes.

Alex Tweedly

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