How young are the coders...

Heather Nagey heather at
Wed Dec 7 05:09:48 EST 2005

Interesting info there. A couple of things are possibly skewing 
perceptions of the average age of the community - youngsters likely 
can't afford to go to conferences so you probably wouldn't see them 
there, and I wonder how many of them have the dedication to wade 
through and participate in this list?

I know for a fact we have some younger coders, one I know of is 15, so 
that takes your crown Andre :)

This isn't to say we don't want more. We always want more, of any age, 
we are not ageist or sexist. I was teaching my 9 year old daughter to 
code in Rev on the train recently - she was intrigued with the 
possibility of making the CEO into a flying pig that circled the window 
(I was testing Arcade Engine at the time).

Warm Regards,


Heather Nagey, Customer Support Manager
Runtime Revolution Ltd

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