Rev slowing to crawl.. then hanging...

Judy Perry jperryl at
Tue Dec 6 13:10:14 EST 2005

Rev 2.6.1, build 152
Mac OS 10.3.9

Using ChatRev v. 1.3b1

If Rev's the current app of focus, cpu usage spikes to 25%, th en 50 or
65%,  up to 89%, whereupon it hangs.  It slows all the way there.

If I switch focus to another app, the cpu usage drops, but spikes again as
soon as Rev is the app of focus.

I tried 'resetall' and it didn't help.  I tried connecting by
cmd-double-clicking the ChatRev file and I couldn't connect.

Bjoernke isn't sure what it is, either.

Any ideas?

I don't have any 'additions' to rev, only the plain-vanilla download from
the site.

Thanks for any ideas,


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