custom password dialogue

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Dec 6 12:13:01 CST 2005

Yes a characteristic of this technique is that a letter typed appears for 
the milliseconds between the keydown and the keyup event. Even on Windows.

You can regard this as a serious security breach, or as an improvement on 
usability (to ensure someone is typing what they think they are typing).

But it is very simple and I like how it looks/behaves.

"Eric Chatonet" wrote

> Would be a very elegant and "short coding" solution if I had not the  time 
> to read the letters that are typed (Mac OS)
> Then you have to use a rawKeyDown handler (or KeyDown + deleteKey)  and it 
> becomes another story...
> But the idea is very good: completely cross-platform :-)

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