How To Debug "A problem opening that stack"?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Sat Dec 3 13:07:05 EST 2005

Hi rob,

I would recommend too that you compact twice your Hc stacks in  
HyperCard before importing them.
 From the docs:

When you open a hypercard stack from within Revolution, the stack is  
automatically converted into a Revolution stack.  Almost all  
hypercard stacks can be imported successfully. If you have problems  
importing a hypercard stack, check the following:

* If the hypercard stack does not appear in the Open dialog box, make  
sure its file type is "STAK". hypercard sets the correct file type  
automatically when it saves a stack, but if a hypercard file has been  
transmitted over the Internet, it may have lost its file type.

* If an error message appears when you try to open the hypercard  
stack, make sure the stack has been compacted. To compact a hypercard  
stack, open it in hypercard and choose "Compact Stack" from  
hypercard's File menu. Then try opening the stack in Revolution.

Le 3 déc. 05 à 17:50, Roger.E.Eller at a écrit :

>> At least half of the Revolution stacks I created on Mac platforms
>> before switching to Windows XP TPC Edition as my development platform
>> will not open in Rev 2.6.1 for Windows.
> I work with stacks frequently transferred over email (on Win and  
> Mac) and
> have not encountered the errors you describe. If you still have those
> stacks on your Mac, I would recommend that you ZIP them before
> transferring to the PC.

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