Help needed downloading a file to a folder

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Sat Dec 3 04:35:55 EST 2005


Sarah is right (as usual :-)
If you want you can use the following too:

Type: EXT
Creator: GZIP

Those are used by the Mac OS X finder.
Another thought: when you set the fileType in a stack (it does not  
matter in a standalone where you are the only master ;-) , it's good  
practice to store the fileType into a local variable before and  
restore it after:

put the fileType into tFileType
set the fileType to <CreatorType>
set the fileType to tFileType

Best Regards from Paris,

Eric Chatonet.

Le 3 déc. 05 à 09:56, Sarah Reichelt a écrit :

>> Also, I noticed that instead of ending up with a binary file when
>> using put URL, I actually ended up with a text file with a .zip
>> extension. It did unzip with no problem. I'm guessing I have to do
>> some kind of magic to make the file into an actual zip file for Mac
>> OS X?
> By default, the filetype is set to "ttxtTEXT" which causes Rev to make
> the Finder think that all files it saves are text files. The easiest
> solution is to use:
>    set the fileType to empty
> before saving any files. This forces OS X to make up it's own mind
> about the file type, absed on the extension.

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