contextual menu

thierry douez at
Mon Sep 27 07:20:14 EDT 2004


KM> Bon jour Thierry,

>> Hi,
>> would like to build a contextual menu   ?
>> How is the "usual way" to do it ?

KM> Create a pop-up-menu button with all the"menupick" handlers
KM> you need and move this button OFF screen...

KM> I think making it visible will only work on a mac(?)

KM> on mouseup quoi
KM>     if quoi = 3 then
KM>        popup btn "your popup button here"
KM>     end if
KM> end mouseup

KM> will popup that button when the right mouse-button is clicked
KM> = control-click on a mac...

 it works !  easily...

KM> Hope that helps...

Sure it helps :-) Dankeschoen.

Thanks and regards,   thierry

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