Prototype or production?

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I make production apps in Rev, lot's of people here make their living 
from Rev Apps...  check Altuit's Hemingway and Fourth World WebMerge, 
those were the first examples I looked when I was starting in Rev, I 
was so impressed that I decided: "yes, I want to build things like 

PS: I am most involved with Database Apps, so I can tell, databases in 
rev are easy.


On Sep 27, 2004, at 7:53 AM, VHD wrote:

> Hello,
> I am reading a fair bit about runrev and it's capabilities and come 
> across the word "prototype" a fair bit... which makes me wonder, 
> whether runrev can be used for "production" applications?
> How are people meant to use runrev? Is it only used in the early 
> stages of application development to show the customer what can be 
> done. The application would then be finished with another language 
> like Java, C++ etc.. ?
> Which makes me wonder: Are there any shareware apps that have been 
> developed with runrev and are being used by 100's of satisfied users? 
> (or even used in a company by a large amount of people.)
> As an aside, I am primarily interested in runrevs database 
> capabilities. (I will right another email about my experiences with 
> that.).
> I am also interested with its ability to interact with other programs 
> like perl.
> Any thoughts and experience are greatly appreciated.
> Ben
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