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On 9/24/04 9:47 PM, "Jesse Sng" <jsng at> wrote:

>> Silly  question, but have you tried "paste"? I just checked a
>> standalone I am working on and the styled text from MS Word was
>> pasted as styled text into a field in the standalone juisng the pste
>> command. I'm using RR 2.5 and Windows XP.
> Not silly actually because I tried pasting from Safari and it does
> not work and I only get plain text. However I did take you up on that
> and did a paste from Appleworks and it works.
> The thing now is that if I do a Paste from Safari into Eudora, I get
> styled text. So does that mean that my app needs to be able to
> register itself as being capable of interpreting styled text that
> comes from the clipboard? So obviously Safari is capable of exporting
> styled text to the clipboard but for some reason Revolution can't
> accept it.
> Why would it work in some cases but not in others? I'm not sure that
> this is something to be put up as a bug report yet.

One thing you could do to check is to copy the text to the clipboard, switch
to Revolution, and then put this in the messagebox:

  put the clipboardData["html"]

And see if it gives you any html style tags back. If so, you can set the
htmlText of the destination field to the clipboardData["html"].

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