Styled text pasting

Jesse Sng jsng at
Fri Sep 24 22:47:33 EDT 2004

>Silly  question, but have you tried "paste"? I just checked a 
>standalone I am working on and the styled text from MS Word was 
>pasted as styled text into a field in the standalone juisng the pste 
>command. I'm using RR 2.5 and Windows XP.

Not silly actually because I tried pasting from Safari and it does 
not work and I only get plain text. However I did take you up on that 
and did a paste from Appleworks and it works.

The thing now is that if I do a Paste from Safari into Eudora, I get 
styled text. So does that mean that my app needs to be able to 
register itself as being capable of interpreting styled text that 
comes from the clipboard? So obviously Safari is capable of exporting 
styled text to the clipboard but for some reason Revolution can't 
accept it.

Why would it work in some cases but not in others? I'm not sure that 
this is something to be put up as a bug report yet.


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