CGI's and processing requests in order

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Sat Sep 25 13:30:33 EDT 2004

Yes, yours is much more ambitious, although the idea is essentially the 
same.  For mine, users read and write the same data because they will 
be participating in a variety of markets: auctions, continuous double 
auctions (like stock markets), bi-lateral trade.  So, offers 
necessarily change the market price at which everyone transacts.


On Sep 25, 2004, at 12:01 PM, Sannyasin wrote:

> Interesting... I was just about to open up a similar OT thread
> "Does anyone know of a Rev GUI to act as an RCS for CVS"
> In my context I'm interesting in keeping a repository of specification
> documents, task rosters etc.   easily viewable and searchable as .html
> docs on the web site.  Certain team players would have editing
> privileges, and could view them and if they wanted to edit, click a
> button and edit, but other users would be locked out if an edit was in
> progress. The system should have an option to add comments if possible,
> not only to the document, but as a kind of meta data to the document
> itself, which detailed briefly the nature of the revision update.
> like "Andre: I just added new criteria for the transcription process."
> Adobe has added all this functionality to their CS suite "Version
> Cue"... and, though it's slow and clunky, it works. A rev version for a
> html/web repository would be lightening fast.
> I don't know if this what you are doing by it seems to be a related
> area... btw the "token" is sometimes referred to also as a "semaphore
> file"
> A Rev widget, standalone editor to interface with the site would be
> equally acceptable (for those having editing privileges) as the html
> docs will be very simply formatted, well within the range of Rev's HTML
> tag set.
> I'm sure this has wheel has been rolled before...of course the cmd line
> is there for wizards who can do the RCS thing from the unix cmd line if
> they have root access to the server, but this won't work for
> "secretary" level users, who just know how to type and click. And the
> security issue would never allow for expansion of the number  of people
> with root access, so a GUI is needed to have more team players with
> edit privileges.
> But, perhaps you user role here is completely something other than what
> I'm describing.
> Sannyasin Sivakatirswami

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