standalone problems

Michael J. Lew michaell at
Thu Sep 23 02:54:43 EDT 2004

There is a bug that affects the filename and effective filenames in 
standalones that might cause your problem. See bug #2233. If you have 
non-standard characters in the file path (my student labs have 
folders with option-f (Ÿ) at the end of their names) then the path in 
the filename is screwed up and you can't open files.

At 2:30 AM -0400 23/9/04, use-revolution-request at wrote:
>my very first app run fine in rev, but the standalone version don't run
>at all (also a basic action as open a file fail...).
>probably I'm making some horrible mistake, but I can't figure which one!
>can someone take a look to this app? Rev Online, Users space, OTTO; the
>filename is XMLang.
>I'm using Rev 2.5 on MacOSX.
>thanks in advance, carlo ricchiardi

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