Sidescroller games?

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Thu Sep 23 04:54:03 EDT 2004

Richard Gaskin wrote:

>When do we get to play it?

Hi Richard.

Deadline is 4 weeks from now. I´ve planed another 2 weeks for Level
creation. (3 are finished now) 1 week to glue all the levels (about 30)
together, create Sounds and put them in. The artwork is done by an
advertising agency. So I get all background-artwork and the raw-material for
the Game sprites (different turning Coins. I get the front and rear side and
do the animation in After Effects) from them. They can draw much better than
me, but this is a time factor I can´t control. :-)

After that time we will have a playable version. We will decide the order of
levels. Maybe some minor changes. The last week is planed to polish it all.
Maybe we´ll make it multilingual, as it´s german only right now. (Actually
the rules are very simple and there is no need to understand german to play

So I hope you can see a finished version in 6 weeks from now, if nothing
essential goes wrong badly.

If you can live with a sneak preview please contact me off list.




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