the IDE

Rodney Somerstein rodneys at
Wed Sep 22 22:12:30 EDT 2004

Richard Gaskin wrote:

>There's a lot of code in the IDE, so I wouldn't begin to know all of 
>the things it does. But to get a feel for which messages are 
>intercepted you can do two things:
>- Read the frontScripts and backScripts that are active when
>   the IDE is running.
>- Use UmbrellaMan to log events for you:
>   <>

These sound like good suggestions, Richard, but shouldn't this info 
be documented somewhere? Is it?

Given the current state of the documentation, I'm having lots of 
trouble finding definitions for built-in commands, much less 
something like this. So it could be there and I just wouldn't know. 
If it isn't documented, has there been any discussion of adding this 
to the documentation?


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