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Frank, Andre, Xav:

Thanks for your input. More experimentation is in order but it looks


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> From: "Van Esch, Stephen (Bolton)" <svanesch at>
> Subject: Revolution feature set - some questions
> The feature page states that Revolution can parse XML files and create 
> and
> manipulate XML content. In my project, we will be dealing with large 
> documents with extensive formatting via XSLT. Graphics, fonts, font 
> weights,
> line spacing, letter spacing etc. will be part of the output. Can 
> Revolution
> reliably display this kind of formatted XML document?


I don't believe there's any XSLT support in Revolution.  Whether you 
can use RunRev will depend on 1) how complicated your XSLT styles 
sheets are, and 2) how complicated the output text must be.

1) If the XSLT style sheets tend to be simple/straightforward, then you 
could use the XML parser and mimic the stylesheet by looping through 
your XML data, outputting styled text as you go -- e.g. <header> 
outputs as 18pt-bold, <body> outputs as 12pt normal, etc.

2) How complicated is the output text?  If it outputs what Revolution 
can reproduce, then you will be fine.  But if it produces something 
that Revolution can't produce then it will be a problem.  For example, 
if your stylesheet outputs HTML (the most common use of a stylesheet),

Now that I think about it, a better option might be to use the 
altBrowser plugin, and do your transformation into a browser canvas 
inside a Revolution window.  That way you can use the same XSLT 
stylesheets on the web and in Revolution.  This will reduce your 
development and testing time.

-- Frank Leahy

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