more problems with ftp

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Sun Sep 12 18:05:25 EDT 2004

>  Following similar suggestions from Sarah Reichelt and Andre Garzia, I
> created special handlers that use the libURLDownloadToFile command, 
> like so:
> libURLDownloadToFile
> tFileOnWebtoGet,tFileNameOfDownloadedFile,"downloadDone"
>  Then I have a handler
> on downloadDone
>  --
> end downloadDone
>  which checks to see if the download queue is empty, and if so, quits. 
> The
> problem is that on downloadDone never seems to get called. There must 
> be an
> error in downloading the first file, which has the correct name in the 
> local
> directory, but is empty.
>  well, there is a stunning array of potential problems, i am 
> realizing. but
> when i do a test for an error message on download, i get:
> "error, url is currently loading"
>  what is this about, since the handler that called that url should be 
> long
> done? is there a way to wipe the ftp slate clean?
Hi Rand,

The resetAll command is useful of things are going wrong as it will 
reset all open connections.
Check out the libURLSetLogField and libURLSetStatusCallback commands. 
They are excellent for troubleshooting all such file transfers.
After calling libURLDownloadToFile, check the result immediately. 
Sometimes an error can show up right away.


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