diskot123 at diskot123 at
Sun Sep 12 20:22:25 EDT 2004

This reminds me of a rehash of the the C vs C++ debate on the carbon-list 
currently. You can technically do anything you can do in C++ with C. I recently 

had to work on a VB.NET project and it was a bit different then the VB I 
remember, was it better, not really, some things were actually more confusing 
just different. Some VB developers feel abandoned.. I find working in Rev more 
productive for GUI apps then working in C++, or Java, you get immediate 

Should advancing the language and integrating OOP features be a goal, 
definitely. It useful for large projects which involve multiple developers, 
which are not currently Rev forte, but it may be the chicken and egg sort of 
thing. But I don't see a feature request or a suggested spec for it anywhere...

Implementing it however, should not come at expense of implementing features 
that are some blockers for projects and there is still a lot of design work 
which needs to be done. From our recent debates on the improve list it seems 
that people don't want real OO necessarily, but some sort of inheritance and the 

ability to *reuse controls* or scripts. Parentscripts, or a backscript which 
distinguishes between objects by properties, should get you most of that.


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