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Mon Sep 13 01:15:18 EDT 2004


for some funny reason copy-paste in RR has it's problems. If you try to copy
via the context menu, only one control is copied. If you stack implements a 
copy paste command then it wont. So you must select the objects, and copy
them via the revmenubar edit menu. Pain in a... I know...

Try shift-ins to paste. And control-ins to copy. Sometimes it works better
as it is not the menu commands. ins alone will work for text but not for
controls. Not very standard stuff but it works around the other issues with
copypaste commands... ;)

Can't test it in 2.5 sorry.

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> OK, I've found it: Copy and Paste! I did try that and it didn't work. Honest!
> My problem and confusion appears to have been the failure of the 
> command-C and command-V keystrokes to do the job. I guess I'll 
> download the newer build now...
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