Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Sun Sep 12 20:07:34 EDT 2004

> >>What is the file at
> >>
> >>What is it?
> >
> > It's compressed using a non-Mac compression method, and therefore
> > does not retain file type or creator code.  When I set the type
> > and creator to what has been appropriate for all previous Classic
> > engines it doesn't run.
> >
> > It's the engine that the standalone builder downloads. It's not
> > intended for download via any other method and uses a custom
> > stack based compress function.
>Interesting choice, given Rev has a built-in compression method.

Oh.. sorry Richard. I assumed you would understand the issues so I didn't
elaborate. The custom compress function handles resource forks and
directories. Our built-in compress function doesn't. So we create a stack
with all the required data and use the built-in compress function on that.
>Where does one download the actual engines?

Not sure. I don't know if RunRev distribute engines by themselves. One way
to get an engine would be to use the standalone builder to download it.



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