Standalone failure for Mac PPC 9.2

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Sep 9 00:52:37 EDT 2004

OK initial problem solved: I had this in the open stack handler:

which, if commented out, lets the stand alone  boot just fine on OS 9...

--on openstack
--  put url "" 
into tCheckVersion
--  If item 1 of line 1 of tCheckVersion = "HA Stack Player" then 
--    show button "Stack Index"
--    if item 2 of tCheckVersion <> (the engineVersion of this stack) 
--      upgradeNotice
--    end if
--  end if
--end openStack

but, now I have new problems... app is crashing the mac... this user 
hasn't rebuilt their desktop or optimized their  hard drive in the 3 
years they had the machine ;-(

On Aug 23, 2004, at 7:04 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 8/23/04 6:25 PM, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> More info on this:
>> I tried to open my HA Stack Player standalone, built for PPC, on my 
>> OSX machine. Of course, Classic started up first, but then, the 
>> standalone did not boot: no error msg. Same thing if Classic is up 
>> and running first.
> Did it start to launch and then suddenly quit immediately, before the 
> stack loaded? That happened to me once a long time ago. Turns out I 
> had moved the color picker out of the Extensions folder, and the 
> engine was hard-linked to it. When it couldn't find the color picker, 
> it just quit without warning.
> That's not to say that the color picker is your problem, but I know OS 
> X moves a few extensions out of their original OS 9 folders. There may 
> be others that Rev expects to find on an OS 9 system which have gone 
> missing. Do you have a native OS 9 machine you can boot into to test?
> PPC standalones normally run fine in Classic.
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