problems with ftp

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Wed Sep 8 17:34:45 EDT 2004

On 7 Sep 2004, at 03:33, rand valentine wrote:

>  Hi, everyone. I'm having a vexing problem with ftp-downloading a 
> series of
> files in a repeat loop. I need to download three files. The loop is 
> very
> simple, something akin to:
> repeat with counter = 1 to 3
>   put decompress(url ftpPath/file&counter&".gz") into temp
>   put temp into fld counter
> end repeat
>  The ftp commands are straightforward, but what happens is that the 
> first
> file gets put in the third field, and the other fields aren't updated. 
> So it
> seems like the put command _isn't_ blocking. What can I do to fix 
> this? I'm
> still using rev 2.2. Thanks.
Using "put" in a repeat loop like this works here. Are you sure 
something else isn't causing the problem?

In all url requests, it's best to check "the result" after each 
request. For example, a problem with the first two url requets would 
produce no data in the first two fields (but it wouldn't account for 
the first URL going in the 3rd field).

repeat with counter = 1 to 3
   put url (whatever & counter & ".gz") into temp
   if the result is empty then
     put decompress(temp) into fld counter
      put the result into fld counter ##or whatever
   end if
end repeat


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