Passing flds as Parameters?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue Sep 7 01:16:41 EDT 2004

>> How can I pass a fld in a send command and still retain the multiple
>> lines of that fld? I'm trying the following:
> While I can't fix my problem, I have narrowed it down to having commas 
> in
> the source data. I suspect the send command is truncating my data at 
> the
> first comma it finds expecting further parameters. Got  any ideas? 
> Seems
> rather absurd that I would have to "escape" all my commas and then 
> reinstate
> them.
Yes, I've run into the same thing. One way is to use the "replace" 
command to change all the commas to another character before sending 
the field, then change them back in the called handler. Alternatively, 
pass the name of the field and let the called handler get it's own 
data. A third possibility that I have never tried would be to use the 
"paramCount" function or "the params" and get the complete set of info 
passed to the handler, even if it thinks it is broken up into multiple 


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