ANN: FTP Commander (the ftp browser Frank asked for...)

Frank Leahy frank at
Mon Sep 6 17:27:27 EDT 2004

Well I'll be a son of a gun...

Andre...I'll let you know how it goes.

-- Frnak

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> From: Andre Garzia <soapdog at>
> Subject: ANN: FTP Commander (the ftp browser Frank asked for...)
> To: How to use Revolution <use-revolution at>
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> FTP Commander
> By Andre Alves Garzia 2004
> Motivated by a email from Frank Leahy, I decided to see how fast I
> could make a FTP client for the masses. The result is 5 hours. At 1:17
> I received the email, at 6:09 I am writing this email. Conclusion
> Revolution Rulz!
> I was inspired by old XTree Gold, on the left side is local, on right
> side is Server side. You can type the full path in the field or press
> browse. You must type in the full FTP URL (including user and pass) on
> the field. Pressing refresh will refresh the list. Top listbox on each
> side is folder list, botton listbox is file list. You can select
> multiple files. Operations will work on multiple files. Theres a libURL
> log field below. So far I tested all the operations. You can upload,
> download, traverse, rename one or multiple files. you go tagging the
> files, and press the desired operation button. It works, I think I'll
> market this one soon...
> so far so good, two apps in one day... pretty good.
> Happy FTP!!!
> Andre

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