login & pwd for standalones ?

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Tue Sep 7 15:50:31 EDT 2004

Recently, "jbv"  wrote:

> One of my clients wants a webapp with a large
> set of functions, and he's gonna distribute them
> to his colleagues, but needs to enable / disable
> certains functions, differently for each user.
> He also wants a login & pwd for each user (that
> will be entered at start up) and possibly limit the
> use of an app in time (3 months for instance).
> Of course, I can do that with variables, and build
> as many different standalones as different users.
> But I was wondering if there was a more general
> (and more efficient) way to do that... especially
> because my client isn't going to call me everytime
> he needs a new copy with specific login + pwd +
> time limit, and also because he isn't going to build
> standalones by himself...

One way:
If the app *requires* access to the Web, you could maintain a list of users
and their privileges on the server.  Just make sure to allow for local
running of the app without the access list if the app is permitted to do so.

Another way:
Establish a set of codes that determines how the app should behave and
include the code table within the app.  Provide different codes to each user
based on their access level.


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