Status Window Questions

David Egbert degbert at
Mon Sep 6 18:14:05 EDT 2004

I'm trying to implement a status window in an app I'm building.

I'd like to user to click a "Process" button and have the app open a 
status window indicating the status of the stuff they are processing 
(with a progress bar, cancel button, and other useful information). The 
main script for the processing is located in a sub stack where the main 
interface is located. I thought I could just open the status stack, 
have a button on that stack that sets a global to cancel the process, 
and have the processing script check the global each time it processes 
an item.  Here's basically what the processing script looks like:

repeat with x = 1 to theNumberOfItems
	global gCancelStuff
	processStuff theItem
	if gCancelStuff is true then exit to top
end repeat

The problem is the script prevents all interaction to buttons until it 
has completed processing all of the items. Is there a way to script it 
so the Cancel button can be clicked (and the process aborted)? Is there 
an example stack somewhere I can learn from?

Thanks in advance.


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