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Wow... that's hard... I solved some issues with multiprocessing in the  
new instance of HTTPd, I think it works, the only problem is that if  
some handler on user stack blocks, then I think the whole server will  
block, but at least we can listen and answer to multiple sockets at the  
same time. Theres a "ServerWorkz RC2" inside that can do this kind of stuff. The new  
version libNetServices, is a hell better, it's a complete rewrite and  
it's not available till I solve FTP upload and the inform engine...

I really would like to see this external you made we could make a rock  
solid webserver using fork() like stuff and semaphores... for now,  
libNetServices is a pure transcript solution, but I could fork the  
codebase and open it so that other developers with more experience with  
C code and externals could help.

Your effort is very welcome!!!!! You'll be the first to receive a  
libNetServices T-Shirt when I am finished making them! (yes, I am  
making them...)


On Sep 6, 2004, at 4:58 PM, K wrote:

> Okay, Andre Garzia inspired me to investigate multi-processing using  
> Runtime Revolution with his httpd stack.  At first glance it seemed  
> impossible nut through trial and error I have a semi-functional  
> solution.  I created a external wich is using a named sockets, pipes,  
> mutexes, semaphores, events and even shared memory.  Here is the break  
> down....
> Process A (Parent)
> Process B (Child)
> Process 'A' using the sockets library in the GLIBExternal creates and  
> listens on a selected port (in my case 80).  Process 'A' accepts the  
> call on a "named" socket.  Then shell invokes process 'B' with the  
> command line option --socket <named socket> (you can use any name you  
> like) process B can now read and write to the named socket using the  
> GLIBExternal socket interface.  Process A and B can then cordinate  
> their activities via named mutexes, semaphoes, events and shared  
> memory blocks. Of course Process A must uniquely name each socket and  
> provided that name to the GLIBExternal as well as the child process  
> (demostrated below).  I have not worked out the kinks of the shared  
> memory on all platforms but I should be able to solve them in time.   
> The implementation on Win32 is easier on Win32 and Linux since I am a  
> experienced developer on those platforms.
> The low down is that Andre's httpd stack could operate simular to the  
> Apache httpd using child processes to handle individual clients.
> Kevin
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> function generateUUID aSuffix
>   local tTime --Time portion of UUID
>   local tRandom --Random portion of UUID
>   local tAddress --Localhost address
>   local tData --UUID Data
>   put ticks() * 1000 into tTime
>   put random( CONST_MAX_UUID_RANDOM ) * 10000000000000000 into tRandom
>   put hostNameToAddress( hostName() ) into tAddress
>   put tTime & tRandom & tAddress & aSuffix into tData
>   put md5Digest( tData ) into tData
>   put base64encode( tData ) into tData
>   return tData
> end generateUUID
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