Creating more (and specific) lists...Was ???

Dave LeYanna dleyanna at
Fri Sep 3 21:13:28 EDT 2004

Well, well, well...

I may well be that RunRev has matured enough and has a diversified enough
following to warrant a few separate lists.

How about Data Access, GUI, Deployment Issues, SQL, Platform Specific
Issues, Third Party, How do I?, IDE, Product Announcements, and so on.

I have used many languages and nearly all the vendors have list servers with
many subsets to subscribe to.

What is so hard about setting up a few more lists? This really isn't a big

Those who have been around a little longer just need to remember to listen
in on the newbies. This will really help the signal to noise ratio!

If RunRev doesn't want to set up separate lists we can do it ourselves by
prepending our subject lines with [ANN}, [SQL], [3rd Party], [GUI], [HOW].
or some such (simple) scheme.  This will make it easy to make mail filters
to create our own "lists" without extra work for the RunRev support staff
(who are doing a fine job, I may add.)

I hope this promotes more constructive discussion(s)


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On Sep 3, 2004, at 5:53 PM, Björnke von Gierke wrote:

> I was a hobbyist too (am still, but that's not the point). Now I 
> consider myself a pro. Not because I am a better programmer, or 
> because I learned so much, but because I can help more often then that 
> I need help.

This is true. Many hobbyists become pros, and many pros like to help out
those with less experience. But pros also need to share experience with each
other sometimes, in an environment which is somewhat less noise to signal
ratio... at some point, very generalized lists such as this one offer little
to the pros other than the rewarding opportunity to help newbies. I am
involved in such general lists for other tools, helping out the new folks,
but when the work has to get done, and there is an advanced question to be
asked... well, you don't do it there. It would get lost among the 18th "how
do I put something into a variable?" 
question of the day.

Many professional programmers will be put off from Revolution if the only
support list is full of DreamCard hobbyists and complete newbies doing a
seventh grade homework assignment.

Am I also an "elitarist" for believing that my daughter, a university
student, should be in a different classroom than my son in grade 4?

RPSystems, Ltd.

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