Who is chuck yeager? (OT)

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at interisland.net
Fri Sep 3 14:22:32 EDT 2004

Hi Klaus,

> Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 10:04:19 +0200
> From: Klaus Major <klaus at major-k.de>
> Subject: Re: Who is chuck yeager? (OT)

>> Oh, and one more historical item. I think he was the only fighter
>> pilot at
>> the end of WWII to shoot down the famous German jet from a
>> piston-engine
>> propellered aircraft (a P-51).
> Thank you for this one, very compassionate! :-D

No, no. Jeez. I follow a lot of aviation stuff including history. My
family's been involved with it for 60 years. I've seen gatherings of WWII
pilots from all sides, some of whom actually had encounters with each other,
swappin' tall tales and partying together like crazy for a bunch of old

The jet was a fantastic design,way ahead of its time, faster than any other
manned aircraft in the sky. Nobody could catch it.

Yeager really was an old school hotshot, albeit a bit wreckless. Most test
pilots are at least a little that way.

I have strong interests there, but I'd rather meet you than one of them.

Ken N.

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