Converting From SuperCard

Arthur Urban aturban at
Thu Sep 2 00:04:42 EDT 2004

Yep, good thought. I tried that and discovered that SC4.1 can't recognize
SC3 projects.

~~~ Arthur

> > I sure hope somebody here can help. I've got a SuperCard 
> 4.1 project 
> > that I want to convert to Revolution. I have the converter 
> but it's a 
> > SC3.0 project that doesn't recognize 4.1 file formats. Has anybody 
> > been able to convert a SC4.1 project to Rev?
> Arthur, I haven't tried this, but can you open the SC 3 
> Converter in SuperEdit 4 and convert it to be an SC 4 
> project, and then use *that* to try and convert your SC project?
> Just a thought...
> Ken Ray

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