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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Sep 2 00:46:46 EDT 2004

On 9/1/04 9:01 PM, Ray Stace wrote:

> Anyone able to help me with:
> Question the first...
> I¹m converting from HyperCard and am familiar with the background versus
> foreground nature of an object there, but how do I create a background
> (button) in Revolution? I can only seem to create card objects.

HyperCard backgrounds are "groups" in Revolution. You will need to 
create at least one group, or place at least one group onto the current 
card. Once you have a group, you can select it and choose "edit group" 
from the Objects menu. Editing a group is the same as going into 
background editing mode in HC: other groups and card-based objects will 
appear to vanish. When you are done editing, choose "Stop editing group" 
from the same menu, and everything on the card will come back.

There are other ways to get new objects into groups, but this is most 
similar to HC's method.

> Question the second...
> Similar problem. In HyperCard simply check ³if there is a stack² & go to it.
> Revolution only seem to recognise ³if there is a stack² if it is open &
> visible or closed but still in memory. If a stack is closed and not in
> memory, how do you check for the existence of a stack in Revolution?

Revolution does not store visited file paths the way HyperCard does in 
its home stack's Paths cards. "There is a stack" works in HC because it 
looks up the file path to the stack in the "stacks" global. In 
Revolution, you'll have to provide the full file path yourself:

if there is a stack "Hard Drive/Folder/stack.rev"

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